Review of the Epson C7500G Printer

Printers aren’t always the most exciting product to promote. But when you have NBA star Shaquille O’Neal as your brand technology ambassador to empower and educate customers, the possibilities are endless.

From launching their first commercial inkjet printer in 1984, Epson has continuously introduced advancing technology to the label market to increase productivity and deliver dependable commercial printing.

With a motto of “Exceed Your Vision,” they’ve become a leading manufacturer of printers, scanners, projectors, professional imaging, and more.

One key example of this is the Epson C7500G inkjet printer.

Featured in their Colorworks printers division, the Epson C7500G model is an industrial inkjet printer suited for fast, full color printing. Large volume jobs benefit from its high print quality, resolution, and durable performance. Tipping the scale at a MSRP of $8,819 USD (as of June 2021), the C7500G is one of Epson’s most expensive tabletop printers.

Let’s take a closer look at the Epson C7500G and see if it holds up to its suggested price.

Epson C7500G  Applications

The Epson C7500G is built for moderate to large-scale businesses in demanding environments. It has the capacity to provide in-house labeling solutions for businesses looking to eliminate pre-printing costs and print-on-demand

Businesses requiring full-color labels can utilize inkjet printers as an alternative to using other commercial printing services. Their versatility and color printing allow them to be utilized for many different applications.

Warehouse & Industrial

Large-scale environments like warehouses, factories, and industrial workplaces need sturdy equipment capable of withstanding rigorous tasks. 

This is where the C7500G is an optimal choice. 

It can withstand hundreds of labels being printed at a time without losing its high-quality performance. Like other pigment-based inkjet printers, labels printed on synthetic materials can withstand harsher conditions in both indoor and outdoor environments, like transportation, storage, and distribution. 

One major highlight of the C7500G is that it is GHS and BS 5609 certified. This helps separate it from other inkjet competitors on the market. 

GHS and BS 5609 are common standards for testing durability in labels, especially during transportation. Labels are designed to be water-resistant and chemical-resistant with prints resistant to smudging, smearing, and fading.

Barcode labels for organizing inventory are another usable application with inkjet printers. These labels need to scan accurately in order to work efficiently. High-resolution makes the print bold enough to scan easily when applied to shelves, boxes, cases and pallets, and more.

Prime & Retail Labels

A prime label printed from an inkjet printer shows colorful text and images meant to catch the customer's attention

Prime labels can be found on products everywhere. 

They utilize vibrant, colorful prints and images to produce captivating designs for consumer purchases. Customizations are a must with these labels as they allow companies to showcase their brand and logos with the option of making changes on demand if necessary.

Like other inkjet printers, the Epson C7500G will print on all media types: matte, plain paper, gloss and high-gloss. These coatings and finishes add a nuance to prime labels, elevating the layout and enhancing the appearance of the product so it further stands out among others.  

The C7500G is also a flexible printing option for businesses printing prime labels on demand. If adjustments are made to the label’s design, already purchased inventory must then be discarded, wasting product and money. With the Epson model, decreased operations costs can be achieved by eliminating the need to reorder pre-printed stock.

Examples of Prime Labels

  • Coffee and tea labels

  • Food and beverage labels

  • Ingredient labels

  • Beer and wine labels

  • Cosmetic and beauty product labels

  • Candle labels


The Epson C7500G offers multiple solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories. 

It is capable of printing both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcodes, including QR codes, for data sharing. Barcodes on patient wristbands and prescription labels can be scanned for quick access to important patient information, including current medications and previous doses. 

Colors can be added to alert healthcare providers to vital information. Better accuracy reduces human error and avoids risks that can prove dangerous. This leads to better patient care and safety.

Pharmacy shelf tags enhance proper storage and management of records, documents, prescriptions, and more. Staff can scan, process, and locate these items at a faster rate, which increases management and patient satisfaction. 

Epson C7500G Core Features

An Epson C7500G inkjet printer with a color prime label being printed

As an industrial inkjet printer, the C7500G is aimed at customers who print large volumes and high-quality color labels. The following features showcase its reliable capabilities.

High-Quality and Productivity

The C7500G is built for durability in all aspects.

With high speeds of 11.8 inches per second, it is consistent in print quality for streamlining  maximum productivity. At upwards of 10,000 labels per month, this printer is a great investment for large businesses trying to keep up with rising sales.

Image resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi is ideal for printing barcodes in high-density, which helps them to scan faster and more accurately. Attention grabbing images and texts help products stand out against competitors in many retail settings. And with multiple inkjet label sizes available, a wide variety of applications can be created for various industries and environments.

Ease to Use & Versatility

A printer is meant to help alleviate the burdens affecting a business. Therefore being easy to use along with having many options is a must.

The C7500G uses a software that easily integrates with almost every operating system available. It comes with a full range of utilities to support settings and configurations along with color tone matching and more.

A wide range of label sizes can be printed with the C7500G. Labels as small as 1.81 inches in width to labels as wide as 4.25 inches provide users with a variety of options for their application needs. Roll labels with an 8 inch outer diameter (OD) can be placed inside the printer, but it is capable of handling roll labels with a 12 inch OD if placed on an external rewinder.

The external label rewinder easily rewinds large quantities of labels but it must be purchased separately. This additional feature attaches to the front of the printer and rewinds labels back onto a roll as they print. Users can print batches of labels at a time to have on-demand for later use.

Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT)

One special feature included with this Epson model is the Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT). 

This ensures each nozzle inside the printer is evenly releasing ink for clean, accurate prints. It is a self-maintenance feature that helps prevent clogged nozzles and will detect missing dots as a result.

If a nozzle is clogged beyond recovery, the printer will supplement by using a nozzle nearby.

The C7500 vs the C7500G

Both the Epson C7500 and C7500G are heavy production inkjet printers. When comparing specifications, they share many similarities, including:

  • Print width
  • Printer language
  • Resolution
  • Print speed
  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity 
  • Price 
  • GHS & BS 5609 certified

The main difference between the two printers is the media type options. This affects the user’s application. The C7500 utilizes matte media, which, as an advantage, produces a darker black color. This feature is beneficial when printing barcodes as it yields a more defined print for scanning the image. 

However, this Epson model cannot print on glossy media as it is only a matte label printer.

The C7500G is a more versatile version due to its ability to print on all media types, including gloss and matte. It is primarily designed to print on glossy surfaces, which adds a reflective coating and a high quality presentation to the label.

Epson C7500G Ink

The Epson C7500G is a pigment-based inkjet printer that utilizes UltraChrome ink.

Pigment-based ink sits on the surface of the material and fuses with the fibers, providing a more durable print than dye-based ink. Texts and images printed with this ink are not as vibrant in color but can withstand long exposure to elements like UV light, chemicals, and moisture.

The C7500G comes equipped with 4 large, single cartridges in standard CMYK colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. They are capable of supporting 16.7 million colors across the spectrum for eye-catching label designs. 

Individual cartridges allow for easy replacements once colors run out, saving users money. Cartridges are easily accessed in the front of the printer, making changes quick and easy for less downtime. Each large cartridge holds around 295 mL of ink, meaning less changeovers and reducing production time and waste.

What Kinds of Labels?

Inkjet labels are specifically designed for inkjet printers. This is because labels have a special coating which allows the ink to be absorbed into the substrate.

The Epson C7500G supports both roll and fanfold media labels. Roll labels must come on a 3” core with a maximum OD of 8”. Sensor marks like gap sensor or black timing mark can be used with both of these media types. Despite having an auto-cutter, labels must be die-cut as continuous labels cannot be used with this model.

The C7500G is primarily for users who want to print on glossy media, but it is capable of printing on plain paper, matte, and clear media as well.

Matte and gloss coatings offer users another way to customize how their labels look while adding a layer of protection. A matte coating provides a more muted finish, giving labels a subtle and professional look with low reflectivity. 

Gloss and high-gloss coatings give labels a shiny, more pronounced appearance to enhance their color and design. These changes may seem unnecessary but can elevate the overall look of a label, making them versatile for many applications.  

As previously mentioned, the C7500 can print on synthetic substrates in addition to paper. This allows labels to be durable enough for GHS and BS 5609 applications. Synthetic substrates like polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl help labels survive extreme temperature changes, contact with chemicals and moisture, and UV exposure in addition to being scratch, smudge, and tear-resistant. 

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Epson C7500G Canon LX-D5500
Print Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi 1200 x 1200 dpi
Max Print Width 4.25″ (108 mm) 4.17″ (106 mm)
Max Media Width 4.41″ (102 mm) 4.7″ (119 mm)
Ink Type Pigment-Based, 4 Individual CMYK Cartridges Dye-Based, 4 Individual CMYK Cartridges
Ink Cartridge Fill 295 mL 240 mL
Print Speed 11.8 inches per second (300 mm/s) 7.9 inches per second (200 mm/s)
Media Types Plain, Matte, Gloss/High-Gloss, Clear Plain, Gloss, Matte
Rewinder Not Included Not Included
Cost (MSRP) $8,819 $8,549
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Epson C7500G Compatibility & Connectivity

The Epson C7500G is compatible with a variety of Windows operating systems. These include:

  • Windows 7 SP 1
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • Windows XP Sp3

The C7500G is not able to use wireless connections but it is able to connect through both USB 2.0 Type A and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet wired networks. 

Epson C7500G Software

The Epson C7500G uses drivers that support NiceLabel, Bartender, and CODESOFT software. It seamlessly integrates with built-in ZLP-II software to automatically merge color artwork from memory. This eliminates the need for pre-print labels in traditional thermal transfer applications.

The C7500G also includes built-in ESC/Label programming languages for integration with most OS systems to enable existing workflows and add color with programming extensions.

The Verdict

  • Extremely fast print speed
  • High volume printing
  • GHS and BS 5609 certified for durable printing
  • Larger ink cartridges save time and money 
  • Comes with Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) for self-maintenance
  • Very expensive
  • Rewinder must be purchased separately
  • If idle for too long, the printer will go into idle mode to prevent nozzles from clogging, which wastes ink

Yes, the Epson C7500G is costly but it provides great value for users looking for a high volume, customizable printing in demanding environments. It can be a great investment for businesses looking for an in house labeling solution with excellent speed and quality.