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Flathead vs. Near Edge Thermal Transfer Printing

Flathead vs. Near Edge Thermal Printing Thermal printing utilizes many components that help produce high-quality images and texts in the labeling and printing industries. The mechanics of these printers operate seamlessly to print barcodes, serial numbers, expiration dates, and more for applications like shipping, tracking, and identification. In this article, we’re taking a detailed look at two different types of printer technologies, flathead and near edge printing, and how they’re utilized in thermal transfer printing. What is a Thermal Print Head? Before we can [...]

  • An image of the Bixolon SLP-DX420 direct thermal desktop printer

Review of The Bixolon SLP-DX420 Desktop Printer

Review of The Bixolon SLP-DX420 Desktop Printer A new printer manufacturer has been increasing its presence on the market for printer industry solutions and its name is Bixolon. Bixolon is a leading global manufacturer of mobile, label, and POS (point of sale) printers with locations in several countries around the world.  Formed as a mini printer division of Samsung in the 90s, Bixolon began producing printers in 2002 as a better solution for their customers in the industry. Comparable in size, shape, and specifications to many Zebra and Datamax models, Bixolon thermal printers are [...]

  • A review of the Primera LX2000 inkjet label printer

Review of The Primera LX2000

Review of The Primera LX2000 Finishing out the LX-series, the LX2000 is Primera’s highest precision desktop label printer. Producing labels in high quantities, Primera’s fastest pigment-based inkjet label printer raises the bar when it comes to printer quality. Launched in 2015, the LX2000 printer combines pigment ink with durable label materials to produce high-resolution products suited for custom print jobs, retail markets, and industrial settings. While similar in some regards to the Primera LX910 model, the LX2000 label printer outdoes its predecessors in several ways. One of which is its certification for printing [...]


PTI Labels

PTI Labels  On November 6, 2020, the produce company Tanimura & Antle Inc. voluntarily recalled all of their single packaged romaine lettuce with a pack date of October 15th and 16th as a preventative measure. This was due to possible contamination with a strain of E. coli. Retailers and distributors were advised to not sell or distribute any romaine lettuce from that brand with these package dates and a specific UPC number.  So how did Tanimura & Antle know to flag these specific products for recall? The answer is PTI labels. PTI labels are barcode [...]


Our Smith Corona Label Adhesives

Our Smith Corona Label Adhesives Anytime you peel a label from its liner and apply it to a surface area, whether it’s box, barrel, bin, or product, you are dealing with label adhesive.  Adhesive is the key component of a label. If it doesn’t work, the label is completely ineffective. You want to choose a label that will perform well for its operation, like the surface it’s being applied to and the environment it will be used in. Labels that fail lead to reprinting and reapplication, which is a huge waste of time and [...]

  • Useful Label Terms to Know

Useful Label Terms to Know

Useful Label Terms to Know Thermal, liner, adhesive - there are an abundance of terms in the labeling industry. But what do they mean? It can be confusing to hear terms in an industry you aren’t quite familiar with, but knowing what they are will be beneficial to you and your business.  In this article, we’re breaking down common terms and phrases found within the labeling industry so you can have a better understanding of the materials, techniques, and equipment being used. Direct Thermal [...]


Shipping Solutions for eCommerce Platforms

Shipping Solutions for eCommerce Platforms  If you are an online seller, you know that shipping is a crucial part of your business. How quickly and efficiently your packages get from your address to their final destination is a key element in any eCommerce market.  One way to help eradicate the stress of managing and shipping your online orders is through a shipping platform. These programs help streamline shipping and fulfillment for any size business no matter how unique their process is.  Think a shipping platform is the next step for your business? In this [...]


Primera vs. Epson vs. QuickLabel

Printer Review: Primera vs. Epson vs. QuickLabel As we’ve discussed in a previous article, inkjet label printers use colored dye or pigment inks to produce high-quality images, which are utilized by dozens of markets and industries. Inkjet printers can be a great investment when image quality is important, such as small businesses looking to customize products with unique and vibrant looking labels or industrial environments requiring durable images. If purchasing an inkjet label printer is your goal, you won’t be surprised to find a wide variety to choose from in today’s market. So what [...]