• Products for Boxed Water show the paper materials used instead of the common plastic material

The Market Shift From Plastic to Paper

The Market Shift from Plastic to Paper No one’s talking about the monumental change happening in the packaging industry. Perhaps you’ve seen differences in product containers on store shelves? Or noticed your latest online purchase was shipped in a recyclable paper envelope? The shift from plastic to [...]

  • A large roll of laminate used to make thermal labels sits on a machine

The UPM Strike Has Ended – Now What?

The UPM Strike Has Ended - Now What? After 112 days, the UPM mill strike in Finland has officially ended. Both UPM and the Paperworkers’ Union came to a collective labor agreement for 5 UPM businesses: UPM Pulp, UPM Communication Papers, UPM Specialty Papers, UPM [...]

  • A outside view of a paper mill factory where pulp and paper are produced

The Progression of Paper Mills

The Progression of Paper Mills Let’s be honest: paper mills don’t really inspire the most exciting conversations. But seeing as how the U.S. is the second largest global producer of paper and pulp, manufacturing more than 70 million tons of material annually, it’s definitely worth knowing what’s [...]

  • Large rolls of paper laminate are run through converting machines in a factory warehouse

The Existential Threat of a U.S. Paper Shortage

The Existential Threat of a U.S. Paper Shortage A strike at UPM’s Finnish mills is pushing an already strained supply chain to the brink. Starting Jan 1, 2022 the Finnish Paperworkers’ Union issued a new strike, followed by support from the Transport Workers’ Union, which shut down [...]

  • Large rolls of paper used to make labels sit on shelves in a warehouse

The UPM Paper Mill Strike: Why It Matters

The UPM Paper Mill Strike: Why It Matters The supply chain issues have been a continuous tightrope walk for the last 2 years.  Supply shortages, fulfillment delays, ever-extending lead times, price increases - you name it, we’ve been teetering on the edge with it.  While inconvenient and [...]


13 Women Defying the Cannabis Industry Shutout

13 Women Defying the Cannabis Industry Shutout Let’s be real: we need women in weed. In the early days of the cannabis market, women were at the forefront of its expansion. Reports from 2019 showed 37% of executive level positions were held by women, a much [...]


2021 Supply Chain Chaos – Pulp,Packaging, and Freight…Oh My!

2021 Supply Chain Chaos - Pulp, Packaging, and Freight...Oh My! 2021 has left the pressure sensitive label industry in complete and utter chaos. Shipping costs and freight rates are soaring. Soaring freight rates, cargo container shortages, and port congestion have driven up shipping costs. [...]