Why Our Labels Cost Less

It's really quite simple...
we cut out the middlemen.

See How We Do It
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Why Our Labels Cost Less

It's really quite simple
We cut out the middlemen

Every label at Smith Corona has been carefully made through our vertically integrated supply chain, allowing us to control costs, avoid markups, and offer a customer experience unlike anyone else in our industry.

Unmatched. Unrivaled.

Other companies rely on an inefficient network of mills, laminators, converters, and distributors to produce and ship their labels. We control the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of each label making Smith Corona unmatched, unrivaled, and unequaled.

At Smith Corona We Sell Factory Direct

Passing the savings
straight into your wallet

We outrank our competition by acquiring the finest raw materials, manufacturing our products with an adhesive handcrafted at our Cleveland, Ohio facility, and selling factory direct to our customers at the absolute lowest price so you aren’t spending more when you don’t have to.

Smith Corona is the best at what we do because we've Revolutionized ourselves that way.

Performing all of these steps in-house eliminates costly shipping and profit margins from multiple third-party vendors, which allows us to pass the savings straight into your wallet.

We've mastered every part of the label market and our results speak for themselves.

Large racks containing giant rolls of label laminate material

Vertically Integrated

It all happens under
the same roof

We bypass other manufacturers and suppliers, which prevents slow downs in our production line so we can operate at maximum efficiency and get labels to you quickly and directly at the lowest price.

Raw Materials

Because the first step of
the process is essential

We source the best raw materials directly from paper mills so we can begin manufacturing labels without any constraints from supply chain disruptions.

Liquid adhesive being dispensed into a barrel


The one and only company
to make our own

We don't buy it - we make it! Our innovative team of in-house engineers have created a premium adhesive formula to ensure our high-quality labels perform well in every environment.

Laminate & Die-Cut

We control the quality
of the products

We coat, laminate, and die-cut our labels in one complete process, reducing unnecessary steps and excessive production time to give you a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost.

End User

Getting our customers labels
at the lowest price matters

We don't sell through any other distribution - we package, ship, and sell labels factory direct to end-users so we're with your product every step of the way.

How Smith Corona Compares

A trailblazer in the label
industry for over 130 years

There’s no comparison between Smith Corona and our competitors. Since our beginning in 1886 we've transformed the label industry by producing high-quality product you can rely on because complete customer satisfaction is what matters to us. Our commitment to excellence is why Smith Corona is the best at what we do.

Our Competitors
Smith Corona
Sell Factory Direct
Sells Through Distribution
Makes Own Laminate
Makes Own Adhesive
Buys Raw Materials From Paper Mills
Made in the USA
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Ships Same Day
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