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Why Our New PET Liner Is Right For You

New non-perforated labels for machine application

Life Just Got Better With PET Liner

Choosing the right pressure sensitive labels for your business means knowing your labels will stick where and when you need them to.

We're taking our commitment to excellence to the next level and introducing a new premium line of clear PET liner labels.

Sporting a different look, this new liner functions better than a standard paper-lined label. Equally important, this new product integrates easily with any printer or applicator.

At Smith Corona, we recognize that release liners aren't just a carrier for your labels they are a key component that plays a crucial role within your label printing operations.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment specially crafted to handle synthetic materials, our premium, clear PET liner outperforms the common paper liner that is most commonly used in print & apply machines.

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Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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So what makes clear PET liner labels the right choice for your business?

No more label jams!

PET liner moving through rollers on a press

With PET liner labels, you will get smoother releases in your label applicators.

Productivity lost due to labels not releasing off the liner and getting stuck in your takeup area will be substantially reduced. Does it cost less too? Yes! In an effort to introduce a new and innovative product to the marketplace, we have decided to price it less than our traditional paper-lined labels. Trying something new can be scary, and we hope to offset some of that concern with a lower price point. Are the labels that I print on any different? No! The only difference is the liner that the labels are affixed to prior to being printed on. The labels themselves are identical to their paper lined counterparts. Did we mention the liner is 100% recyclable? Smith Corona is dedicated to finding fresh, innovative ways to lead the market. We've manufactured our PET liner labels using new, environmentally friendly, hot-melt adhesives and UV silicones for a more sufficient and sustainable product.

There's simply no comparison.

Same label material, better problem solving liner

Need a solution to a label problem you’ve been having? Our polyester liner could be the exact thing you need!
Find out more about how it can better fit your budget, save on transportation costs, speed up production with fewer jams, perform better in areas with greater heat and humidity and be a stronger, more sustainable label liner option!

Cost Saving Option

A premium product that fits your budget

Our PET liners cost less than their paper counterparts, so you're saving money on every order! We're making this once premium priced item available for every day users looking to upgrade their business with no extra cost.

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Thinner Liner = Lighter Rolls

Smaller roll, same quantity, faster results

PET liners are significantly thinner than paper. Because of the reduced thickness, rolls with the same number of labels are both smaller and lighter. Not only does this save on transportation costs, 3”core rolls are easier to lift and load onto applicators.

A roll of labels being placed onto a print and apply machine

Less Jams with Better Release

An easier label release for extended production

Its higher durability means printers and applicators can continue production with fewer jams from liner breaks or difficult label release. A minimal coating of silicone means a smooth, successful release of your labels every time, perfect for auto-apply and peel-and-present mode.

Labels being stretched out

Not as Prone to Heat & Humidity Changes

No change in release no matter the temperature

Heat and humidity are culprits at affecting the performance of paper release liners, especially in warmer climates. Environmental changes do not curl or wrinkle PET liner, leaving it to produce a steady, consistent release even in the most unforgiving temperatures.

Multiple lanes of labels running through a machine

Fully Recyclable

The greener option you've been looking for

Unlike silicone coated paper liners that result in hundreds of thousands of tons per year sitting in landfills adding unnecessary waste, PET liners are fully recyclable thanks to significantly less silicone and can be reused as other plastic items for a greener, more sustainable option

PET liner being placed into a blue recycling bin

Drop in Replacement

No major changes to your print settings

You don't have to worry about wasting time adjusting equipment when you switch to labels on a clear PET liner. This product is a drop in replacement for your current labels! A simple recalibration the first time you use them is all you need to do before printing.

Yellow PET liner labels being loaded into a machine

A Durable & Efficient Product

A strong material your business can rely on

Exposure to the elements requires a strong product. Not only does polyester hold its own against heat, but wet applications do not decrease the viability of the liner. Its sturdiness means fewer web breaks, which benefits high-speed auto-applications for large volume users and big name brand companies.

PET liner being examined in hand

How Smith Corona Paves the Way

An undisputed leader in the label industry

Innovation is what sets Smith Corona apart. We're manufacturing new and improved products in order to provide better solutions for our customers and leave them feeling confident in a name/company they know they can trust.

We welcome new challenges and are committed to setting the bar high. It's who we are.

A package rolling down a conveyor belt

Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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