Lilli Keinaenen

Cannabis wasn’t an industry where Lilli Keinaenen expected to land. But she likes to refer to it as a “happy accident.” Having previously designed packaging for sustainable consumer products and environmental and social justice nonprofits, Keinaenen, a designer with over 20 [...]


Sandra Guynes

As a nurse MSN, RN, and educator of over 15 years, Sandra Guynes found her start with cannabis education as a patient. After suffering from illnesses, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, Guynes was prescribed multiple medications she felt were not helping. With [...]


Jessica Gorman

As the founder and manufacturer of the Seawitch Medicinals products in Rhode Island, Jessica Gorman likes to call her company a “purveyor of fine cannabis tonics, tinctures, and topicals.” With a background in food development, Gorman found herself venturing into the industry [...]


Dr. Lisa Calderón

In Denver, Colorado, Dr. Lisa Calderón has been dedicated to serving and shaping her community through political avenues for over 30 years.  Through her work as a justice reform advocate, nonprofit executive, and social justice organizer, Dr. Calderón’s policy work centers around [...]


Hope Wiseman

In 2014 when Maryland began its legalization of medical marijuana, Hope Wiseman was so inspired by the industry's growth, she shifted her career from investment banking to cannabis. She is now known as the youngest Black woman dispensary owner in the U.S. Even at age 25, [...]


Shawn DeNae Wagenseller

With experience in cannabis going back to the 70s and 80s, cultivator Shawn DeNae Wagenseller knows how important it can be to a person’s health. After sustaining an excruciating injury in her youth, Wagenseller found relief and recovery through cannabis, and became [...]


Dr. Susan Audino

When the owner of a cannabis dispensary reached out to chemist Dr. Susan Audino for her lab expertise, she wasn’t very supportive of cannabis. An accreditation auditor for testing and calibration laboratories, her knowledge of cannabis at the time was sparse. [...]


Sara Payan

While she’s a devoted educator of cannabis now, Sara Payan wasn’t expecting to become involved in the industry.  “If you told me 11 years ago I’d be doing this, I’d tell you you were nuts!” She laughs. At age 37, she was [...]