As the founder and manufacturer of the Seawitch Medicinals products in Rhode Island, Jessica Gorman likes to call her company a “purveyor of fine cannabis tonics, tinctures, and topicals.”

With a background in food development, Gorman found herself venturing into the industry when she was asked by a dispensary owner to help develop products for their consumers. When the items became a hit, she began a business that evolved with the market.

With no knowledge of cooking with cannabis, Gorman began with the basics of what she knew about making food products. She tried researching how to add cannabis to products, but with little information available at the time, she turned to the young workers in the dispensary kitchen she was experimenting in.

From them, Gorman learned how to improve products to make them better, like adding more potency or including more terpenes. But she also found that listening to patients of the dispensary and what they wanted proved to be immensely beneficial.

“We kind of became our own demographic,” states Gorman. The ideas behind the small batch, handcrafted items she now makes have come from items people like her would want. Consumers who use her products fall into the age bracket of ages 50 and up, and want more from cannabis than getting the “biggest bang for their buck.”

This has also helped her get more feedback on what consumers want for their cannabis experience, which is a fundamental driving factor behind many products throughout the industry. 

Jessica Gorman
SeaWitch Medicinals

Creating quality products has been crucial in Gorman’s journey to creating her own product.

Her hope is that those who desire to use cannabis for microdosing, finding an alternative to smoking, or wanting to replace their nightly glass of wine can do so with Seawitch Medicinals. 

Her brand offers unique varieties like honeys, spreadables, and teas, which she says was her original goal.

“I try to combine the products with other herbs and remedies just to bring out the best in everything,” she explains. She plans to innovate with new products like THC-infused mints and chewing gum, as well as products to help women like personal lubricant. 

As Gorman’s company continues to grow, she recognizes the importance of women not only as consumers but as business leaders. In the future, she looks forward to building a team of all women from diverse backgrounds. 

Together, she wants to create more cannabis products that give options to women consumers. “I want to give women a sense of ritual to their cannabis use,” she says, “Just add a little bit of magic to it.”

Despite the decline of women in cannabis, the ever-evolving industry needs their perspective, especially in higher level jobs. Gorman’s hope is that there are more of these women on the horizon despite the challenge the market presents.

Gorman’s advice?

“Be prepared for the sand to constantly be shifting beneath your feet. Be confident.”

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