So you own an inkjet printer and think you should be able to print high-quality color labels quickly and efficiently. But if you’re a growing business looking to upgrade your printing capabilities, what options can you turn to for help?

One solution is to buy a label unwinder and rewinder.

These additions to your inkjet printer can streamline how many labels you’re able to produce for a multitude of applications. 

But what exactly about owning an unwinder and rewinder makes it worth looking into and possibly investing for your business?

Let’s break down the details of what these tools are and how they can help your future inkjet printing.

What is an Unwinder and Rewinder? 

The biggest question of them all: what exactly is an unwinder and a rewinder?

In simple terms, they’re external media holders. Sometimes called a roll to roll label printer, these attachments sit either behind or in front of your inkjet printer.

The purpose is to give your labels a point to roll off of (the unwinder) and a point to roll onto (the rewinder). 

So how does it all work?

A roll of labels is first loaded onto the unwinder and fed through the back of the printer. Once printed, labels are then attached to the rewinder, where they rewind onto an empty roll core. When finished, you’re left with a brand new roll of freshly printed labels.

And it doesn’t have to be one or the other. That’s right, you can either use an unwinder or rewinder separately or combine the two and use them together! This is a key way to help increase peak efficiency with your business.

Okay, great, now you know what these accessories are. But what opportunities are best for using an unwinder and a rewinder?

When to Use an Unwinder and Rewinder?

Accessories like an unwinder and a rewinder can be helpful in several different scenarios. Here’s a few that might be beneficial for your business:

Putting Labels on a Label Applicator

If your roll labels are being used on label applicators, a rewinder can be extremely convenient to use. 

This means you don’t have to rewind labels onto a core by hand after they print. Manually rerolling labels can cause them to get dirty or damaged. 

Utilizing a rewinder means you and your employees aren’t wasting valuable time.

Using Larger Roll of Labels

Printers have a maximum outer diameter for roll labels they can fit. So trying to use larger rolls with more labels is a huge bust. But that all changes with an unwinder. 

Because it’s external to the printer, you can fit larger label rolls for use. Larger rolls means more labels to print on!

You can also print more labels onto a blank core with a rewinder! This means you can use larger rolls of labels with your label application, attributing to less changeover and saving on downtime.

Applying Labels By Hand

Now, even if you’re applying labels by hand, it still makes sense to utilize a printer accessory.

A rewinder gives you the ability to print more labels onto a blank core, which can be a huge timesaver. Plus there’s the added benefit of having more labels for your applications. 

Should You Invest?

So with all of this information now in the palm of your hand, the question remains: should you invest in an unwinder and rewinder? 

If you’re running large, continuous print jobs or putting labels onto an applicator, the answer is a resounding yes!

Unwinders and rewinders are meant to ease the strain of large tasks when it comes to printing your labels. It’s what makes them such a great addition to your workflow.

And remember, you can use them individually with your inkjet printer for different benefits or combine them together to create a more efficient label line.

Therefore buying these tools can end up saving you and your business an abundance of time and money. All in all, that makes the prospect of utilizing them a win-win!

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