How To Fix Poor Print Quality On An Epson C7500G

Owning an inkjet printer can help you print large volumes of full-color label designs at a moment’s notice. But unfortunately, sometimes instances can arise where your labels don’t print in the best quality. 

If your labels begin to print in poor quality, there are several solutions that can help fix your printer. These range from making printer adjustments to altering settings in your computer. 

Below are step-by-step instructions  on how to fix poor print quality in an Epson C7500G inkjet printer.

Correct Media Type

It is important that the correct media settings are used with the correct media type. Coatings like matte and gloss can change the way ink is absorbed into the inkjet label material. 

Using the wrong setting with the wrong media type can result in poor print quality. Be sure to check that the settings and media type match before printing. 

  1. Select the Menu button on the printer and go to Printer Setup1
  2. Select Media Type and ensure your media type is correct

Low Ink Levels

Low ink or ink that has dried out can cause poor print quality on labels. Be sure to check the cartridges to ensure they are in good condition before printing. 

  1. Open ink cartridge door
  2. Check ink levels to ensure they are not empty or dried out

Uneven Printed Colors

One instance of poor print quality is when inkjet labels have uneven printed colors.

There are several factors that can be the cause of this error. Therefore it is important to check each step to make sure the issue is fully resolved.

Nozzle Check

If your labels are printing with uneven colors, performing a Nozzle Check can reveal if the nozzle is clogged. If this is the case, performing a head cleaning is required. 

  1. On the Unit Panel, go to Nozzle Check
  2. Check the pattern that prints
  3. If the pattern prints normally, the nozzle is clear
  4. If the pattern prints unevenly, the nozzle is clogged

The following instructions are how to perform a head cleaning on the nozzle of your C7500G:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Select Cleaning
  3. Press Yes

This process may take several minutes. Perform the cleaning several times to ensure the nozzle is unclogged.

Ink Recharge

If a manual head cleaning does not resolve the issue, execute Ink Recharge on the operation manual. 

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click Maintenance
  3. Select Ink Recharge
  4. Press Yes

Nozzle Verification

When dealing with uneven printed colors, it is also important to check that the Nozzle Verification Technology is enabled.

The Epson C7500G model includes this feature, which ensures each nozzle inside the printer is evenly releasing ink for clean, accurate prints. It also helps prevent clogged nozzles and will detect missing dots.

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Go to Printer Setup2
  3. Select Nozzle Verification Technology and ensure it is enabled

Banding Reduction

Banding refers to extraneous lines in printing.

If your labels have streaks across them, you should adjust the value of your Banding Reduction on your computer settings.

  1. Go to Printing Preferences
  2. Under the General Tab, go to Print Settings
  3. Select Advanced

At this point you can change the light and dark settings under “Banding Reduction.”

On your labels, when the color lines are light, move to the plus direction. When the color lines are dark, move to the minus direction.

Paper Feed Amount

Depending on the media, uneven printed colors may occur due to changes in the paper feed amount. To fix this, go to the printer driver.

  1. Select Detailed Settings
  2. Click Advanced Settings
  3. Perform a Paper Feed Adjustment

Shifting Print Design

If your print design seems to be shifting to the side, there are several things you can do to ensure the label design is fully covering your label.

  1. Reload labels into the printer
  2. Ensure the paper guide is properly set

If reloading your labels doesn’t fix the shift in design, you will want to make adjustments in the computer settings under the Printer Utilities tab. This can be done in either the horizontal or vertical direction depending on where the label design is getting cut off. 

  1. Go to Printer Settings Utility 
  2. Click to perform “Print start position adjustment”

Ready to Print

Performing these adjustments should help you correct poor print quality and print your label design correctly and effectively.

You are now ready to print with your Epson C7500G!

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