Inkjet printing can have its ups and downs, especially concerning print quality.

Large volumes of inkjet labels printed from models like the Epson C6500Au can be wasted when colors don’t look like the original design, horizontal lines or white dots appear, or the design isn’t positioned properly.

If any of these issues occur, don’t worry! There are several adjustments you can make to correct them.

Correct Media Type

It is important to use the correct media type and settings with your printer. Inkjet labels have a special coating to absorb the ink being printed on them, and using the wrong setting with the wrong media type can result in poor print quality.

Coatings like matte and gloss can change the way ink is absorbed into the inkjet label material, so check that the settings and media type match before printing. 

  1. Check the media coating type is set to the media you are using
  2. Select Menu
  3. Click Media Settings, and then Media Type

Confirm your selection matches the label type you are using. Gloss inkjet labels should be set to the gloss setting. Matte inkjet labels should be set to the matte setting.

Low Ink Levels

Low running ink or ink that has dried out could be causing poor print quality on your inkjet labels. Inspect the ink cartridges before printing to guarantee neither of these will affect the quality.

  1. Open ink cartridge door
  2. Check ink levels to ensure they are not empty or dried out

Uneven Printed Colors

Uneven colors on printed inkjet labels mean several factors can be the cause.

It is important to check each step so the issue resolves.

Label Color is Off

Colors that print in the wrong shade or that vary from the original design require a manual color adjustment to solve the problem.

  1. Go to Menu, then General Settings
  2. Click Printer Settings, then Image Quality 
  3. Finally, click Manual Color Adjustments

From here, you can change your light saturation, contrast, and various tones.

White Horizontal Lines

White horizontal lines printed on your Epson inkjet labels may be a sign that the printer nozzles are clogged.

To unclog the nozzles, you will want to run a printhead cleaning.

  1. Go to Menu, then Settings
  2. Click Maintenance
  3. Click ‘Run a Printhead Cleaning’

Running a printhead cleaning should clear the printer nozzles and allow your labels to print properly.

Vertical White Dots

Vertical white dots on label designs mean your labels were backfed.

Labels being fed backward means the printed surface becomes damaged by the rollers located under the paper pressure unit. This occurs when labels are not removed after the print job finishes or the print mode is set to “Stop at Cut Position” or “Stop at Peel-Off Position.”

Switching your printer to another option that is not “Stop at Cut Position” or “Stop at Peel-Off Position” may correct the issue.

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click General Settings, then Printer Settings
  3. Click Print Options, then Print Mode
  4. Change the Print Mode

Remember to remove your labels from your printer after each print job.

Shifting Print Design

Designs shifting to the side on your inkjet labels may only require one quick fix. Try reloading your labels and verify the paper guide is properly set.

Should your designs still not fully cover the label, you will need to make further adjustments to correct it in the printer settings.

  1. Go to Printing Preferences
  2. Click on Printer Utilities, then Printer Settings Utility
  3. Perform a “Print start position adjustment” in the vertical or horizontal direction

Choose either vertical or horizontal direction depending on where your label is getting cut off.

Incorrect Label Cuts

If your inkjet labels are not cutting correctly, you can adjust the cut off position to evenly cut between two labels. A cut position adjustment can be made in the printer driver.

  1. Select a positive or negative adjustment value depending on where the label is being cut

Ready to Print

Performing these adjustments should help you correct poor print quality and print your label design correctly and effectively.

You are now ready to print with your Epson C6500Au!

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