How To Fix A Paper Jam on An Epson C6500AU

Printing labels with any size printer can sometimes result in a paper jam. For Epson inkjet printers that produce large volumes of labels at once, a paper jam puts a complete stop to productivity, wasting time and money. 

When paper jams happen, it’s important to know how to properly remove the media without damaging the printer. Simply ripping out the jammed paper can damage equipment, which is expensive to fix or replace. 

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to fix a paper jam in an Epson C6500AU.

  1. Using scissors, cut the paper near the paper ejection slot
  2. Open the front cover 
  3. If the print head is not on the far right, hold it down and move it to the far right

At this point, if there is any jammed paper, gently remove it from the printer.

  1. Open the paper cover on the back of the printer
  2. Raise the release lever
  3. Pull the paper out of the paper feed slot
  4. Lower the release lever
  5. Close the paper cover and the front cover
  6. Press the pause button

Once your paper jam error is cleared, to continue printing, reload the media.

After removing jammed paper, make sure that there are no labels or adhesive left inside the printer. Using the printer without removing them leads to frequent paper jams, or may cause poor print quality.

If paper jams occur frequently, clean the inside of the printer. 

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