How To Fix Alignment Issues on a Primera LX910

When you’re in the middle of printing a large batch of labels, especially with large volume inkjet printers like the Primera LX910, the last thing you want to realize is that the design isn’t printing accurately.

Misalignments can look like several errors, ranging from labels not cutting on the gap between labels to inaccurate margins and start positions and images and texts printing at an angle. 

Are these issues affecting your Primera inkjet labels? Don’t worry, there are several adjustments you can make to correct them!

Alignment Adjustments

Alignment adjustments can be made through the Primera PrintHub. The program can be accessed through the downloaded LX910 software.

Under the alignment tab, users can choose 3 options: tear off/cut position, left margin offset, and top of form.

After each adjustment, you can click on Test Alignment to print a test label!

Incorrect Label Cuts

When your Primera printer cuts labels at the incorrect spot, you will want to make adjustments to the tear off/cut position option in the alignment tab.

Depending on where the cuts are being made will factor into how you will want to adjust the printer:

  • If your label is not cutting on the gap between two labels, try adjusting the tear off/cut position
  • If your label is being cut before the end of the label, increase the tear/cut off position value

If your label is cutting into the next label, decrease the tear off/cut position value.

Incorrect Margins

Should your label margins be incorrect, you will first want to make sure your inkjet labels are loaded properly into the printer.

  1. Open the printer
  2. Ensure there is no gap between the liner and the movable throat guide 

Making adjustments to the left margin offset option in the alignment tab can further resolve the issue.

  • If the right margin is not printing properly, increase the left margin offset value
  • If the left margin is not printing properly, decrease the left margin offset value

Several adjustments may be necessary to get your label margins exactly right.

Incorrect Label Design Position

Label texts or designs printing before or after the beginning of your inkjet label will need adjustments to the top of form option in the alignment tab.

  • Increase the top of form value for label designs printing before the beginning of your label
  • Decrease the top form value for label designs printing after the beginning of your label

Ready to Print

Performing these adjustments should properly align your labels.

You are now ready to print with your Primera LX910!

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