How To Set Up The Primera LX2000 

You’ve just purchased a Primera Lx2000 inkjet printer! When you first unbox your Primera LX2000, you will notice it includes:

  • USB cord
  • Power cord
  • 4 separate ink cartridges

Now it’s time to set it up and start printing your labels. The following instructions will help you set up your Primera LX2000 printer:

  1. Plug the power cord into an outlet and into your printer
  2.  Plug the USB cord into your computer and into your printer
  3. Turn on the printer

Install Ink 

Once your printer is on, you can install the ink cartridges:

  1. Open the top cover
  2. Make sure to align the color on the cartridge with the color on the printer
  3. Insert the cartridges
  4. Push in on each cartridge

Load Labels

Once your ink has been successfully installed, you can begin to load in your labels. The following step-by-step guide is for loading your Primera LX2000 printer with roll labels on a 3″ core:

  1. Lower the Roll Guide and pull it outward
  2. Place the roll labels onto the Roll Arm and push it inward until it reaches the Roll Stop
  3. Flip up the Roll Guide and slide it inward until it touches the label stock

Make sure the Roll Guide does not pinch the label stock. Leave a small amount of space, about a 1 mm gap, between the Roll Guide and the roll of labels.

  1. Pull the Movable Throat Guide outward to adjust for the label stock size
  2. Place the leading edge of the label stock under the “label stock” symbols on the Throat Guides

Make sure the label stock is placed far enough into the throat of the printer to correctly position the Movable Throat Guide but not fully into the printer itself.

  1. Slide the Moveable Throat Guide inward until it almost touches the label stock, leaving a small amount of space so it doesn’t pinch the label stock
  2. Feed the label stock further into the printer until it senses the label and automatically feeds it through the printer

As mentioned previously in the article, the LX2000 printer supports fanfold labels as well. Feed the label stock from the back of the printer and follow the steps to load it through the Moveable Throat Guide.

Ready to Print

You are now ready to print with your Primera LX2000!

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