How To Load Labels into An Epson C6500Au

Once you have unboxed your new Epson C6500Au printer, it’s time to set it up and load in your inkjet labels. 3-inch core roll and fanfold labels can be used in this printer. 

The following instructions will help you load labels into your Epson C6500Au printer:

  1. Insert your power cord
  2. Insert your interface cable (either Ethernet or USB)
  3. Turn on the printer
  4. Select Menu, then Settings, then Media Settings, then Media Source
  5. Ensure Internal is selected if you using rolls

If you are using fanfold labels, you will want to select Rear Feed.

  1. Open the Paper Cover
  2. Remove the Spindle from the printer 
  3. Load the roll paper on the Spindle and fix it with the Flange
  4. Set the Spindle back into the printer
  5. Close the Paper Cover
  6. Press Pause

Once your labels have been loaded into the printer, you will need to adjust your printer to the correct label size.

  1. Open the Paper Cover
  2. Feed your labels into the printer and adjust the Paper Guide to the size of your label
  3. Close the Paper Cover
  4. Press the Pause Button

You are now set to print with your Epson C6500Au!

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