How to Change An Ink Cartridge On An Epson C7500G

When ink is installed into the Epson c7500G for the first time, the printer uses the ink to prepare for printing (known as ink charging).

It takes at least 10 minutes to charge ink and will vary depending on the conditions.

Do not open any covers or turn off the printer during ink charging (the LED power button flashes during ink charging). Doing so will result in a large consumption of ink, which may require replacement ink cartridges before the printer completes its charging.

  1. Turn on the printer
  2. Open the ink cartridge cover
  3. Shake the ink cartridge package 4-5 times before opening
  4. Push all of the ink cartridges gently into the printer until they click in place
  5. Close the ink cartridge cover

Be sure to check the color of the ink cartridge label and of the ink cartridge holder label. Make sure they match and set the cartridges to each matching color.

Once the ink is loaded, ink charging starts.

  1. When ink charging is complete, the LED power button changes from flashing to on
  2. Press the Pause button