How do you know it was us?

We’re just here to congratulate you on the upcoming launch of your new Rollo Wireless printer. It’s not like anyone’s ever done that before! 

Really, though. It’s awesome you’re branching out into bigger and better things in the super exciting world of thermal printing.

Everyone’s talking about you! 

I mean, we get phone calls about your printers all the time, and we know our labels aren’t the problem. Seriously, is your customer support just hiding in the annex? 

Also, what’s with your selling points on shipping labels? “Done Easy. Done Fast. Done Cheap.” That’s what she said!

But in all honesty, we’ve always been your biggest “flan.” 

Yes, we know that the thing about a practical joke is knowing when to start and when to stop. Is now the time for us to stop putting Rollo’s personal effects in Jell-O?

Probably. We don’t want them to put us in “custard-y”!

Boom! Roasted!

Stay tuned for a Smith Corona HONEST review of the new Rollo Wireless printer!