The holiday season is on the horizon, and this begs the question: what type of shopper are you?

Is your gift list planned out months in advance? Are you scouring to find the best deals? Do you just wing it every single year

No matter where you fall on that list, we can all agree that online shopping for the holiday season is extremely stressful and time consuming. Even worse is the holiday shipping.

Just ask popular carriers like UPS and FedEx, who go through millions of 4×6 shipping labels in just a few short months. 

With so many retail options available, the last thing you want is a delay with your order. But how do you know which shipping method will work best to beat your holiday deadlines?

Will standard shipping work or do you need that new sweater for grandma delivered tomorrow? Is free shipping available, and if so, how much do you have to spend? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So while you’re singing along with Mariah Carey (for the umteenth time), remember that there is one thing you’ll need for the 2022 holiday season…a complete shipping guide!

2022 Holiday Shipping Guide

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