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Review of the Primera LX910 Printer

Review of the Primera LX910 Printer  Primera is a world-leading innovator in manufacturing specialty printing equipment. The Primera LX910 color label printer is the latest addition to their LX-Series. These printer models are categorized as inkjet printers, capable of adding unique color customizations onto labels by printing ink in liquid form. This color draws attention to important information and enhances the value of labels used across multiple businesses and industries. An upgrade of the now discontinued LX900 printer, the Primera LX910 prints high-quality color labels at high speeds while requiring little maintenance. It combines [...]

Direct Thermal vs Thermal Transfer Labels

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Labels Thermal printing is a popular widespread printing method that produces accurate, high-quality images and text with clean definitions. This process is widespread for its ease of use, quick speed, and overall efficiency.  There are two different varieties when it comes to thermal printing: direct thermal and thermal transfer. It is important to know the differences as each have their own pros and cons to printing as well as varying degrees of application. Let’s take a look and see what each method has to offer so you’ll know if direct [...]

How To Manually Calibrate the Zebra ZT610 Industrial Printer

How To Manually Calibrate the Zebra ZT610 Industrial Printer Industrial printers are heavy hitters in the printing industry. They can commonly be found in warehouses and factories, where their sturdy durability, fast print speed, and long life span are necessary.  So why does calibrating a printer matter? Calibration assures proper alignment and that you are getting the best print quality from your printer. Calibration also corrects labels that are skipping or if labels or ribbon have been switched out or replaced. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Zebra industrial printer, [...]

Determining the Correct Thermal Ribbon

Determining the Correct Thermal Ribbon Thermal transfer ribbons are a crucial part of the thermal label printing process. They are a necessary component when printing with thermal transfer labels, making for a fast and productive process.  Thermal transfer labels and ribbon can be used in compatible desktop and industrial printers. Although it may seem like buying ribbon along with labels as an additional cost, thermal printing is less expensive overall due to its efficiency and quality. Unlike their direct thermal counterparts, thermal transfer labels do not have ink embedded within the substrate. Thermal transfer [...]

How to Load Ribbon into an Industrial Printer

How to Load Ribbon into an Industrial Printer  If you are using Thermal Transfer 3” core labels or Thermal Transfer Fanfold labels in your industrial printer, you will need a Thermal Transfer ribbon in order to print. Need help with your industrial thermal printer? Let’s take a quick look at how to load ribbon into a Zebra ZT610 industrial printer. Loading Thermal Transfer Ribbon Load the Thermal Transfer Ribbon onto the ribbon spindle, Ink Side Out  Slide the ribbon under the ribbon roller and printhead Wrap the ribbon [...]

7 Actionable Ways eCommerce Store Owners Can Cut Costs

7 Actionable Ways E-Commerce Store Owners Can Reduce Costs A successful e-commerce store can turn a simple idea into a 7 figure success story almost overnight. But for every Cinderella story, there are thousands of merchants just looking make an honest living.  Selling online has turned almost every industry into a global marketplace.  While potential profits are bigger than ever before, competition is higher than it has ever been. While top-line numbers can look great, at the end of the day, it’s all about how much profit your store is bringing in. To help increase [...]