Industrial printers are heavy hitters in the printing industry. They can commonly be found in warehouses and factories, where their sturdy durability, fast print speed, and long life span are necessary. 

So why does calibrating a printer matter?

Calibration assures proper alignment and that you are getting the best print quality from your printer. Calibration also corrects labels that are skipping or if labels or ribbon have been switched out or replaced.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Zebra industrial printer, let’s take a look at how to calibrate a Zebra ZT610.

To Start

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button
  2. Press ‘Settings’
  3. Press the right arrow key to ‘Media Type’
  4. Ensure the media type is set to “Gap/Notch”
  5. Press ‘Home’
  6. Navigate to ‘Sensors’ and press ‘OK’
  7. Ensure the sensor type is set to “Transmissive”

Adjusting for Media Size

  1. Make sure labels are properly loaded
  2. Rotate the yellow sensor adjustment wheel to move the green light sensor to the label’s edge
  3. Load thermal ribbon into the printer

Calibration Prep

  1. Press ‘Home’
  2. Go to ‘Tools’
  3. Press the right arrow to ‘Media/Ribbon Calibration’
  4. Press ‘Start’
  5. “Load backing remove ribbon” warning will appear on the screen

To Calibrate

  1. Remove a label so only the liner is underneath the media sensor 
  2. Move the ribbon away from the ribbon sensor location
  3. Press ‘Pause’
  4. “Reload all continue” warning will appear
  5. Pull labels forward until facesheet is under the print head 
  6. Smooth the ribbon back into place
  7. Press ‘Pause’ and the printer will calibrate

Calibration Test 

  1. Press the ‘Feed’ button once to ensure your printer is properly calibrated

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