Industrial printers are a versatile option for many moderate to large businesses in need of printing high volumes of labels as they are able to use both direct thermal and thermal transfer technology

If you are planning to use thermal transfer, you will want to make sure your labels are either 3” core labels or fanfold labels. You will also need to ensure your thermal ribbon is loaded correctly into your printer so your labels can print properly. 

Need help loading ribbon into your industrial printer? 

Let’s take a look at how to load ribbon into a SATO CL4NX industrial printer.

Loading Thermal Transfer Ribbon 

  1. Push the ribbon rewind spindle all the way in
  2. Unlock the print head 
  3. Load the ribbon onto the ribbon supply spindle
  4. Pass the ribbon under the print head
  5. Wind the ribbon counterclockwise to the ribbon rewind spindle
  6. Load your thermal transfer labels into the printer
  7. Close the print head

Make sure the thermal ribbon you’ve purchased for your SATO CL4NX printer is Coated Side In (CSI). You can verify this by sticking a label onto the ribbon to ensure the ink is on the inside of the ribbon roll. 

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