Ever wonder how huge companies like Budweiser and Coca-Cola get so many products bottled, packaged, labeled and shipped each and every day?

The simple answer: print and apply automation!

As products move along conveyor belts, specially designed equipment prints labels and applies them to consumer items at momentous speeds. This is done for the entire supply chain line, including labeling for cases and pallets as they get ready to ship.

As a label supplier for these big name brands, we realize print and apply machines provide solutions to industries looking to streamline their labeling applications for more efficiency.

And to do so, having the right equipment is absolutely necessary.

It’s equally essential that these machines integrate seamlessly into warehouses, distribution centers, and supply chains. If problems arise with maintenance or broken parts, knowing who offers the right services and support can be a huge deciding factor in the company you purchase with.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of the top 5 print and apply companies in the pressure-sensitive labeling industry, including their services and support options, to give you the best options to choose from.

Top 5 Print and Apply Companies

Panther Industries says its “core business” is print and apply labeling automation. 

Their website domain literally says “print-n-apply” if that’s any indication of their reach. 

They are a leading manufacturer of preprinted and print-on-demand labeling equipment to help businesses be more productive for a better bottom line.

Panther proudly states that they “design and manufacture every print and apply solution for durability and performance.” Their application systems like the Predator and Phantom are built for peak performance in high-speed, demanding environments.

Benefits of using their integrated system include: 

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced expenses
  • Decreased waste and losses

Industries looking to elevate their manufacturing, material handling, and supply chain operations in a faster and more efficient manner can find a solution with Panther. 

Warehouses, distribution and fulfillment operations, and integrators and resellers all thrive on minimizing product handling and increasing inbound and outbound processes. 

This means labeling products like consumer packaged goods, medical devices, pallets, polybags, and more with greater speed and accuracy for maximum throughput. Other applications of labels include shipping, pack slip, cross-docking, invoice, and traceability.

Resources Offered

Services Offered

Along with a line of label automation systems, Panther also offers customers and users additional services to aid in the use of their products. 

One feature is their Recommended Spare Parts landing page. 

This supplies important information for common spare parts kits for both their labeling automation systems and Zebra, SATO, and Datamax print engines. Users can click items to view the full kit, which include:

  • Part names and numbers
  • Quantity of parts included
  • Additional parts
  • Ordering information

For more insight on how SATO or Zebra print engines interact with Pather’s automation systems, interactive system diagrams and label routing diagrams offer detailed images, expanded descriptions, and a scrollbar to see the step-by-step animation of labels and liners in each machine.

Other services include specifics for air assist, which comes standard on every Panther’s automation system, and additional documentation for products and systems that can be downloaded.


The Panther blog supplies relevant information for labeling automation solutions. Their content includes articles like how to identify common print engine issues and cycle time for print and apply automation

The last update to the blog was November 2020.


Under their Print Engine Support are videos for specific manufacturers to help users complete tasks like replacements for printheads, ribbons, media, and more.


As a leader in the print and apply industry, Panther offers customers installation for all of their products. 

Pricing is based on a combination of factors, such as product, time, labor, etc., after which customers are given a quote.

Included with all of their videos, diagrams, and content on how their products operate, Panther also provides training services to companies. Their service technicians participate in training courses throughout the year so they can fully assist customers with any support questions and tasks.

Videojet is a “world-leading coding and marking brand” that provides cutting-edge, quality equipment, supplies, and services. 

Their technologies and systems are designed to perform with maximum reliability, efficiency, little maintenance, and easy operation for many distinct industries worldwide. Some of these include:

  • Food & beverage
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer products
  • Automotive & aerospace

With more than 400,000 printers installed worldwide, Videojet’s goal is to help companies improve productivity, grow their brand name, and stay ahead of industry trends and regulations. 

To do this, they provide products in thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, laser marking, and thermal transfer overprinting, and are a big name in the near edge printing industry. 

Their 9550 Print & Apply Labeler is unique for on-demand labeling in high-resolution text, barcode, and image printing. Ideal applications for this machine include printing on boxes, cases, and shrink-wrapped products. 

Other applications for their machinery range from glass and plastic bottles to metal parts to wood and lumber. Solutions for difficult applications like rigid and corrugated surfaces are also available.

Resources Offered

Services Offered

Videojet offers their customers a wide range of services to assist with their automation systems.

Their Full Care equipment lease supplies customers with the benefits of their state-of-the-art equipment with no up-front capital cost. Some offers include:

  • Videojet financed
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Expert professional service
  • Customized maintenance solution
  • Future-proof solution

To avoid printer-related issues that result in lost up-time and productivity, Videojet’s Rapid Recovery is available. In less than 1 minute, this program uses cloud-enabled analytics to identify if a printer failure can be easily repaired or must be swapped out.

Other options range from customer care to technical and OEM services as well as installation for their equipment, including a library of operator manuals available to download.


Videojet offers many reading options in the Knowledge Base section of their resources, including white papers, application notes, brochures, case studies, and safety data sheets (SDS). 

They also publish articles in their Productivity Pulse, a publication section dedicated to sharing news, insights, and information for improvements to operational efficiency and to drive productivity.


Their Video Hub contributes informational content with regards to the company’s operations, products, and supplies as well as case studies and business solutions.


One major benefit of Videojet’s services is the variety of options they have for service agreements. They are designed to fit each company’s needs whether they require help from Videojet or use their own in-house maintenance team. 

To start, customers decide which level of service they want from 3 options: start-up, protective, or comprehensive. Each option comes with different services, with start-up appealing to newer customers and comprehensive offering all of the benefits presented for maximum up-time and efficiency.

From there, they can select from different packages and programs to get the right coverage for their business. For example, Videojet’s Full Care Program provides 5-years of on-site maintenance and support with service options like:

  • Parts management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Operator training
  • Break-fix coverage
  • 24/7-365 day technical support
  • Consultative services and application support
  • Wear parts replacement
  • Year-round priority service 

Additionally, over 4,000 team members are stationed in 26 countries to assist with technical support, customer training, and maintenance. Technical equipment training comes with customizations for each individual business’s operational challenges and schedule.

Weber Packaging Solutions is a “leading innovator in the design, engineering, manufacture and supply” of labels, labeling systems and inkjet systems. 

A family-owned business for over 90-years, they are committed to helping bring technologies to the evolving market, both local and global, that improve packaging automation and product identification. 

Depending on the product and environment, customers can choose from 3 series of printer applicator models: the 5300 series, the 4300 Pro-apply series, and the LA-6000 High-Speed series. They promote the benefits of using print and apply systems to include:

  • Elimination of expense of pre-printed labels
  • Reduce label costs
  • Faster, more accurate labeling
  • Elimination of label obsolescence 

Their labeling and coding solutions help more than 50,000 companies improve production efficiency and brand appearance. 

Resources Offered

Services Offered

Weber has a separate website dedicated to service of spare or replacement parts for their printer applicators and label application systems. The Weber Service Parts online store offers:

  • Parts
  • Printheads
  • Print engines
  • Spare part kits
  • Manuals

Print engine and replacement parts include both Zebra and SATO brands as Weber is a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) and SATO distributor.


Weber’s blog includes content about label systems, spotlights for product labels like craft beer, and industry solutions. The last update to the blog was October 2021. 

They also provide a Brochure Library, which has PDF documents for label and label printer applicators, white papers, and accessory and custom systems.


Weber’s video section is linked directly to their Youtube page. Footage of their printer and label applicators in action can be found along with product tours, labeling solutions, tests and demos.


In terms of support options, Weber supplies both customer and equipment services. 

All Weber units are installed by the company. Tabletop printers from Zebra, SATO, and Epson can be installed by Weber or other 3rd party associates. 

Training sessions are available and customized on the requirements of each individual company. This means any amount of training sessions, hours, people and more can be created. Quotes are based on these specifications with a 2 week lead time given before scheduling.

Service agreements are provided based on customer needs and what they’re looking for. Standard options include services like travel, parts, and labor.

Companies new to labeling can inquire about label and graphic services, like getting assistance with designing labels or having them printed and shipped through Weber. 

Software support is also available for Weber’s Legitronic Labeling Software as well as a FAQ page with downloadable PDF files for further information.

Quadrel Labeling Systems is a Division of Avery Dennison that became independent in 1989. 

They’re partners with some of the most respected and recognized companies in the labeling industry for products and supplies, including:

  • Videojet
  • Markem Imaje
  • Nidec
  • Keyence

Quadrel is dedicated to learning each business to provide the best labeling solution through a range of application equipment machinery and technically advanced print and apply labeling systems. 

Their printer applicators feature Allen Bradley PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface. This allows for a choice of 8 different applicator modules as well as thermal transfer print engines with SATO, Datamax, or Zebra. 

For example, the Q34 Printer Applicator is available in several application modules and is uniquely designed to withstand demanding, around-the-clock applications in the harshest environments.

Resources Offered

Services Offered

Knowing that pressure-sensitive labeling is a fast, ever-growing industry, Quadrel is dedicated to being a resource for innovative, advanced labeling solutions. 

Their Application Engineering service provides flexibility for a broad range of solutions to unique, custom applications that assist package marketers and engineers. 

For those interested in investing with Quadrel through an outside vendor with refurbished machinery, they provide research of the service history prior to a purchase to ensure the equipment fits each company’s need. 


Quadrel includes a variety of articles in their blog section. These range from upcoming industry conferences to business solutions with the right printing and labeling equipment.

They even include articles showing the progression of their building expansion.


Quadrel’s Video Library showcases an extensive list of products and applications utilized throughout many industries.

Some options include:

  • Candles
  • Cannabis
  • Household Chemicals
  • Oil Bottles
  • Shrink Sleeve/Tamper Evident
  • Wraparound

Each individual category links to corresponding videos, showing multiple angles of how Quadrel’s automation systems work as a solution for each product. 


Under their Technical Help, Quadrel supplies customers with world class support for installation, training, and maintenance of their products. 

Support for their installed equipment comes from a fully stocked computer cataloged parts department. 

Field service visits are also available along with 24-hour guaranteed delivery on most labeling system spare parts.

Markem-Imaje is a world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions to over 50,0000 global customers.

A merging of the American company Markem and the French company Imaje in 2007, they offer a full line of innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, and print and apply label systems. 

These products help large manufacturers looking to optimize operations, comply with standard regulations, protect their products, and increase customer satisfaction.

Some solutions for businesses include:

  • Reducing waste
  • Driving efficiency
  • Achieving compliance 
  • Detecting threats
  • Engaging consumers
  • Gaining insight

For example, their 2200 Series for print and apply applications provides reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. 

This labeler optimizes operation time and application rates with the ability to label 125 packs per minute regardless of data complexity or content. 

The 2200 Flex SE model is adaptable to changes in product type and production speed with little to no intervention required and prints GS1 compliant barcode labeling on a wide array of substrates from shrink wrapped to corrugate.

Resources Offered

Services Offered

Markem-Imaje provides customers with a collection of options to showcase the benefits of their products.

Their Confidence 360 Rental Solutions is designed to fit a company’s unique needs for maximum efficiency, waste reduction, full compliance, and brand protection. Customization of equipment, consumables and coding solutions creates a personalized program to maximize investment returns in a scalable and cost-effective solution.  

Technical services include instant support from Miva, a virtual assistant for self-troubleshooting. This simple feature supports all Markem-Imaje technologies in multiple languages with benefits like:

  • Drastically reduced downtime
  • Faster printer & production recovery
  • Reduced waste & costs
  • Improved safety from minimized external personnel on-site

Their Remote Video Support tool assists with technical and mechanical issues no matter the users global location. Live video guidance reduces downtime to decrease waste and save costs.


The articles in the Markem-Imaje blog section cover a wide range of topics for solutions on:

  • Sustainability
  • Brand protection
  • Serialization
  • Services & customer support

Other categories include content for industries like packaging, food, and traceability.


While other companies on our list offer video content to show how their products operate, Markem-Imaje provides free, on-demand webinars customers can watch at their convenience.

These are available in multiple languages, including English, French, and German.


A portfolio of tiered services and support is available with options based on the needed level of help for each business.

Training services are offered either off-site or remotely. The options range from basic operator training to advanced and technical team training which include knowledge on repairs and spare part replacements.

Markem-Imaje provides a variety of services for installation of their products, all based on the level of support required. Technicians are available for on-site and remote technical support through their help desks and global network.


Integrating your business with print and apply automation can be the next step to elevating labeling solutions for your industry. 

Knowing the products and services offered can be the key in choosing the right system to serve your company.

In need of labels for your print and apply applicators? 

Smith Corona offers a wide range of label materials and sizes that are compatible with Zebra, SATO, and Datamax print engines. 

Shop smithcorona.com or call us at 1-800-875-7000 to place your order!