A global innovator, Canon has been a leader in the development of imaging products for over 60 years. First known for their cameras and lenses, Canon gradually progressed to work with printers, launching the first inkjet printer using bubble-jet technology in the mid-80s. Today, Canon has expanded their production to healthcare technologies, personal and professional printer solutions, as well as social and environmental research and development. 

One of Canon’s most prominent inkjet printers is their LX-D5500 model. This industrial-sized label printer can be utilized for increased productivity with multiple media options at fast print speeds while maintaining high resolution for maximum efficiency. One of the more expensive printers we’ve reviewed at $8,549.00 (MSRP as of February 2021), the Canon LX-D5500 inkjet printer boasts “high-quality, fast performance, and versatility” with the ability to print 4” wide color labels. 

Let’s take a look at the Canon LX-D5500 color printer and see how it compares to other inkjet printers on the market.

Canon LX-D5500 Applications

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, inkjet printers, like the Canon LX-D5500, use ink in liquid form to produce colorful, vibrant images. This versatility allows labels to be utilized in various industries and environments across all forms of business.

Warehousing & Retail Inventory

Inventory visibility is important for warehouse efficiency

Warehouse labels can mean a variety of different labels. Most notably, barcode labels are a common find in warehouses as they can be used to help organize inventory, increase productivity and overall create a more efficient management system. Similarly, retail inventory labels also use barcodes as a way to scan in and trace inventory. 

This is why the Canon LX-D5500 is an ideal choice for these environments. It is able to print small text with high density which allows barcodes to have a more accurate read. Barcodes can then be scanned faster and clearer for easier identification when applied to items like tags, boxes, cases, and pallets. Durable materials can be used for these labels if they will be subjected to harsher storage and transportation conditions.

Distribution and Logistics 

Distribution and logistics rely heavily on traceability as products being shipped are done so through multiple modes of transportation. Labels must have the necessary information, such as batch numbers, production and manufacture dates, when applied to the product to avoid supply chain disruptions.

Because the Canon LX-D5500 is able to print up to 4” wide, it is able to produce labels wide enough for shipping, traceability, case and pallet identification, and more.

Prime Labels

As a dye-based inkjet printer, the Canon LX-D5500 printer is the optimal choice for producing customer-facing prime labels. These labels require bright vivid colors in order to make eye-catching images and text for consumers purchases. Some examples of products these labels can be found on are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Candles
  • Beer & Wine
  • Bath & Body
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Spice Jars

While other inkjet printers, like the Primera LX910, are suitable for smaller volumes, moderate and large businesses producing substantial volumes of these inkjet product labels can utilize the LX-D5500 to customize and personalize their brand image.

Pros & Cons

  • Able to print with both roll and fanfold labels
  • Able to print matte and glossy coated labels
  • Comes with a maintenance cartridge and cleaners
  • Separate ink cartridges allow users to replace only the empty cartridge when necessary
  • Comes with a maintenance cartridge to keep printer clean for optimal efficiency
  • One of the more expensive inkjet printers
  • Only able to print with dye-based ink
  • Print head must be installed manually by user

Printer Specifications 

LX-D5500 Epson C7500G
Print Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi 1200 x 600 dpi
Max. Print Width 4.17″ 4.25″
Max. Media Width 4.7″ 4.41″
Ink Type Dye-Based, 4 Individual CMYK Cartridges Pigment-Based, 4 Individual CMYK Cartridges
Ink Cartridge Fill 240 mL 295 mL
Default Print Speed 7.9 inches/second  11.8 inches/second
Media Types Matte + Gloss Gloss, Matte
Label Material  Paper + Synthetic Paper + Synthetic
Cost (MSRP)  $8,549 $8,819
Printer Reviews  Epson C7500G
Shop Compatible Labels  Compatible Labels 

Canon LX-D5500 Core & Special Features

As an industrial inkjet printer, the Canon LX-D5500 has several core and special features that make it a formidable color printer.

Printer Durability 

Like previously mentioned, the Canon LX-D5500 label printer specifies that it has a product life of around 5 years, amounting to about 6 million sheets of labels in total. Depending on the label size used, the volume per day, and the usage environment, however, these numbers are subject to change. 

A maintenance cartridge is included with the XL-D5500. This cartridge collects ink so it does not filter back into the printer, which can cause damage. A warning will appear on the status monitor of the printer when the cartridge is full and needs replacing.

More Economical 

To align with Canon’s deep global commitment to environmental responsibility, the LX-D5500 is a more resourceful printer choice. Since it is an inkjet printer, the LX-D5500 does not require the use of a thermal ribbon like a thermal printer would. 

During thermal printing, the entire area of the ribbon is used whether or not the ink is transferred onto the substrate being printed on. This can result in wasted ink. The Canon LX-D5500 only uses ink where necessary regardless of the size and shape of the label, reducing waste and increasing faster print speeds which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

Increased Security

Tying into its economical special feature of waste reduction, the Canon LX-D5500 label printer also allows users to feel more secure during their printing process. Because it does not utilize thermal ribbon like a thermal printer does, the printed information is not recorded on the ribbon’s surface which is later discarded after its use. This keeps sensitive information safe for customers, clients, and companies.

High-Quality & Productivity

Capable of 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and print speeds of 200 mm per second, the Canon LX-D5500 inkjet label printer offers high resolution and fast performance while maintaining high-print quality for on-demand printing. The high-resolution printing is ideal for printing barcodes of higher density, for more accurate, faster scans. 

The dye-based inks allow colorful text and images to give labels a more professional look, attracting customer attention and helping products stand out. A wide range of inkjet label sizes, from 6mm to 500mm, creates an array of application possibilities for various industries and environments.

Canon LX-D5500 Labels 

The Canon LX-D5500 is compatible with blank roll media, fanfold paper media, and tags. Roll media must be on a 3” core with a maximum outer diameter (OD) of 8 in. Non-perforated and perforated labels, as well as continuous labels, are supported by the LX-D5500 printer.

As previously mentioned in the article, the LX-D5500 can print labels up to 4″ wide. However, it is also capable of printing labels as small as 1.5″ wide.

The LX-D5500 is able to sustain both paper media and synthetic media. This includes materials like polypropylene (BOPP) and polyester (PET) labels. According to Canon, any labels that have an inkjet receptive coating are supported by the LX-D5500 printer. 

Labels coated with either matte or glossy finishes can also be utilized. Matte labels offer a more subtle finish without a high gloss shine, making them the perfect choice for applications that require low surface reflectivity. Glossy labels offer a high-quality shine which makes vibrant colors more pronounced and gives labels a professional look. 

Because it is able to print on demand, the LX-D5500 eliminates the need for pre-printed labels, which means users have the ability to print in-house and, ultimately, save themselves money by reducing individual label costs. Printing labels in-house allows for more customization without the expense of purchasing new printing plates or incurring expensive setup charges from your conventional label supplier.  More personalized customization and market-specific branding can drive sales and differentiate your products from the competition.

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Canon LX-D5500 Printer Ink

As mentioned above, the Canon LX-D5500 is an inkjet color printer that operates by using dye-based ink. Dye-based ink is water-based, meaning it gets absorbed into the fibers of the materials it is printed on. While the print is faster to fade when exposed to light or chemicals, it produces a much more brilliant color than pigment-based inks at a cheaper cost.

The LX-D5500 uses the 4 standard CMYK colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Because it is able to produce colorful and vivid prints, the LX-D5500 is ideal for printing graphics applied to products, such as wine bottles or candle labels. 

Dye-based inks are not recommended for more durable printing, such as GHS compliant labels, as they are more likely to smudge and be removed when exposed to water unless the label is specially coated. 

The ink comes in large, single cartridges that hold 240 mL of liquid. Single cartridges allow for users to replace only the individual color when it runs out of ink, ultimately saving them money, and large capacity ink cartridges allow for higher label yields. 

Canon states that output per cartridge yields an average of 45,000 sheets. However, this information is based on standard print conditions with 2” x 3” inkjet coated matte labels. 

Canon LX-D5500 Compatibility

The Canon LX-D5500 is compatible with Windows 10 (64/32 bit), 8.1 (64/32 bit), 7 SPI (64/32 bit), Windows Server 2012 (64-bit), and Windows 2008 (64-bit). The printer is able to connect through the following:

  • USB 2.0 
  • Ethernet
  • RS-232 Cable

Canon LX-D5500 Software

The Canon LX-D5500 is currently compatible with Bartender and Loftware/Nice Label software. These software programs allow for you to easily create multi-color labels as well as variable data barcodes or addresses.

Unlike the Epson printers, which normally allow printing in Zebra’s ubiquitous ZPL printer language, the LX-D5500 will require you to recreate your existing Zebra formatted files in order to print. Canon is, however, looking to add ZPL to future software updates and products.


The Canon LX-D5500 is an inkjet label printer produced for users looking to improve their productivity and efficiency with high-quality color labels. It comes with an auto-cutter that allows users to determine their label size by manually cutting at their desired length. It is a versatile choice thanks to its supported media options, allowing for a wide range of personalized, vibrant prints.