Looking to print cute, nifty designs to customize orders for your ecommerce store? Or maybe you need durable material for labeling chemicals?

For these applications, you’ll likely be printing on sheet labels.

Printers that use sheet labels are most commonly found in homes or offices.

There are 2 different types of printer technologies for these:

  • Laser
  • Inkjet

But knowing which printer you are using or which technology you need can be confusing.

So what’s the difference between the 2 technologies? 

Let’s break it down!

Laser Technology

A laser printer with a toner cartridge

Laser printers use toner.

A drum inside the printer melts the toner particles onto the paper with heat.

HP is one of the most popular brands used for laser printers, although Brother and Canon are also well-known and used among consumers. 

Laser printers are beneficial in demanding environments due to the high volume of pages they can print.

They also have a faster print speed than inkjet printers, producing a higher volume of labels in less time.

One major downside of laser printers is their initial selling price. On average, laser printers cost more.

While this can be a turnoff for new buyers, laser printers cost less to operate daily in the long run. Toner cartridges also have a longer shelf life, leading to fewer replacements over time. 

If you are using toner cartridges, you will need to buy laser sheet labels for your laser printer. 

Let’s review:

  • Faster print speed
  • Toner lasts longer than ink
  • Suitable for high demand environments
  • Printer prices are more expensive
  • Less resolution/quality with images
  • Replacement cartridges are expensive

Inkjet Technology

An inkjet printer with liquid ink cartridges

Inkjet printers use liquid ink.

Droplets of ink are propelled onto the facesheet material, which quickly dries.

Popular brands for these printers include Brother and Epson (maybe you’ve seen Shaq promoting them). 

Ink can be pigment-based or dye-based, depending on the printer. 

Since ink produces more vibrant colors, inkjet printers produce high-resolution prints and photo quality images.

However, they tend to have slower print speeds because of this. 

Inkjet printers are generally cheaper to buy when compared to laser printers, making them a more popular choice. But because the ink dries faster, ink cartridges need to be replaced more frequently, which becomes expensive. 

Inkjet printers also don’t print as high a page volume as laser printers.

If you are using ink cartridges, you will need to buy inkjet sheet labels for your inkjet printer. 

Let’s review:

  • Vivid color prints
  • Photo quality images
  • Best for smaller volumes
  • Ink cartridges can dry quickly, requiring replacements
  • Can be more expensive long term
  • Slower print speed

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