Finishing out the LX-series, the LX2000 is Primera’s highest precision desktop label printer. Producing labels in high quantities, Primera’s fastest pigment-based inkjet label printer raises the bar when it comes to printer quality.

Launched in 2015, the LX2000 printer combines pigment ink with durable label materials to produce high-resolution products suited for custom print jobs, retail markets, and industrial settings.

While similar in some regards to the Primera LX910 model, the LX2000 label printer outdoes its predecessors in several ways. One of which is its certification for printing GHS compliant labels, which are able to pass rigorous and sufficient testing that other printers fail to accomplish.

The most expensive model out of the LX-series, Primera has the LX2000 printer currently available on their website for $3,595.00, while the MSRP is $3,995.00 (As of December 2020).

Disclaimer: The Primera LX2000 printer is now discontinued.

Who Are They For?

Because of its ability to print a high volume of labels on multiple media types, the range of the LX2000 allows for versatility in many environments and for many different applications.

Moderate to Large Businesses

Like other LX models, the LX2000 printer is a great choice for businesses looking to customize product labels for their merchandise. Due to its ability to print a higher volume of labels per day, moderate and larger sized businesses would benefit more from using this printer. While smaller and at-home businesses could still use printers like the LX2000, it might not be the best choice if their daily print volume is low, only around a few hundred labels.

The use of colored ink and high resolution creates bright, vivid images, and when paired with synthetic materials, labels can be used for consumer products that are exposed to extreme temperature changes, moisture, and contact with certain chemicals and oils. Some examples are:

  • Shampoo & conditioner labels
  • Cleaning supply labels
  • Olive oil labels
  • Essential oil labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Frozen food & beverage labels
  • Beer & wine labels

Industrial Environments 

Since it uses pigment-based ink, the Primera LX2000 is optimal for printing labels or tags suitable for industrial and factory settings that require durability for harsh environments. These labels can be for indoor or outdoor use, and be applied to multiple surfaces, such as:

  • Bins
  • Containers
  • Pallets
  • Barrels

The LX2000 is also able to act as a barcode label printer. Businesses and companies that use barcodes to trace and manage warehouse inventory can print high-resolution linear and 2-dimensional barcodes to help reduce human error, minimize inaccurate data, and overall save time and money.

As stated on the Primera website, the LX2000 label printer is a solution for companies requiring GHS compliant labels. GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System, an internationally recognized standard that defines and classifies hazardous chemicals. It communicates this through vibrant images, symbols, and colors on labels, making these labels a crucial role in identifying dangerous materials.


Primera LX2000 Primera LX910
Recommended Labels/Day Up to 7,500 Up to 5,000
Label Types  Die-cut, continuous, and reflective sensors Die-cut, continuous, and reflective sensors
Max. Media Width 8.375″ 8.375″
Max. Print Width 8.25″ 8.25″
Print Resolution  Up to 4800 dpi Up to 4800 dpi
Print Speed 6.0″/ sec. 4.5″/ sec.
Ink Cartridges  Pigment Dye or Pigment
Ink Types Individual CMYK Single CMY, Ultra-high yield
Built-in Cutter Yes Yes
Wireless Ethernet Option Yes No
Cost $3,995.00 $2,695.00
Printer Reviews Primera LX910 Printer Review 
Shop  Compatible Labels  Compatible Labels 

Primera LX2000 Ink 

As previously mentioned above, the Primera LX2000 utilizes a color pigment-based ink that comes in 4 large, individual ink cartridges. Individual ink cartridges allow for single colors to be replaced when they are empty, which saves users money. 

The inkjet printer ink comes in standard CMYK colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These cartridges are capable of supporting 16.7 million colors across the spectrum, which allows for bright, eye-catching label designs to be printed.

While dye-based inks are a more prominent choice for vibrant color prints, images and text tend to fade faster when exposed to light or chemicals, making them better suited for short term use, typically one year or less. 

By using the combination of pigment-based ink and synthetic substrate materials, users can print text and images that won’t fade as quickly when exposed to UV light, water, moisture, or chemicals. These prints are longer lasting too, typically enduring upwards of 2 years. 

An added feature to the LX2000 is alerting users when ink is low. An ink level warning indicator on the front of the inkjet printer calculates the actual number of prints remaining based upon ink usage of graphics produced.

The XL2000 comes with all 4 ink cartridges included. Replacement ink cartridges for the colors individually cost $28.95 and the black ink is nearly double that, priced at $54.95 (as of December 2020).

Primera LX2000 Labels

The LX2000 is able to support labels on both rolls and fanfolds. Rolls must have a 3″ core inner diameter (ID) and a 6″ outer diameter (OD) to properly fit. 

Primera inkjet labels can be die-cut or continuous with reflective sensors for customized labels at any size, allowing users a wide variety of options for applications. The LX2000 has a built-in pizza-wheel cutter, which is specifically designed for cutting continuous labels. 

Unlike some printer models which can only sustain paper media, label specific printers like the LX2000 are capable of printing on synthetic substrates, such as polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl. In addition to being tear, scratch, and smudge-resistant, these materials are best utilized for applications where durable labels are required.

If users are looking to add a special coating to their labels, gloss and matte finishes offer a variety of options. While gloss adds a more reflective shine to a label’s surface, matte coatings provide a more subdued, muted look. These finishes also contribute an added layer of protection for labels.

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The Primera LX2000 comes with Bartender Ultralite software for label formatting and can operate using either Windows 7/8/10+ or MacOS 10.11+. It is also compatible with other label design and graphics software, and allows the printing of both linear and 2-dimensional barcodes.

Pros & Cons 

  • High-speed pigment-based inkjet label printer
  • Produces durable labels in high quantities
  • Able to print barcode labels
  • Prints at 4800 dpi
  • Pizza wheel style cutter for continuous labels
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10+ and MacOS 10.11 systems
  • Customer service is very helpful and quick to respond
  • Printer automatically calibrates media
  • Expensive
  • Some customer complaints about long waits to resolve printing issues
  • Separate ink cartridges costs more money, adding to the overall cost of the printer
  • Unlike LX910, the print head must be replaced when it runs out, costing $250 each time


The Primera LX2000 can be a great advantage to expanding or large businesses needing custom product labels or companies who utilize barcodes or GHS labels. The use of durable ink and labels combined with fast print speeds makes this printer a formidable piece of equipment to own.