Everything You Need to Know About the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

A well-known product in the label printing industry, the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is designed to properly assist at-home sellers and small businesses not located in a warehouses but still shipping a large volume of goods. Outfitted to offer 300 dpi quality printing in a compact size, this direct thermal printer boasts quick print times with no hassle of using ink or toner.

While the 4XL printer has the ability to print labels for file folders, binders, and name badges, it’s best equipped to print extra-large shipping labels up to 4″ wide. This goes hand-in-hand with its compatibility to many major online marketplaces and shipping applications.

Priced less than Zebra printers, the 4XL averages respectably between $200-$300, depending on the buyer. However, it does require DYMO specific labels to print properly, which can increase the cost overall for users.

Let’s see if the DYMO 4XL printer is as dependable as it claims to be.

Who Are DYMO Printers For?

DYMO printers are proficient in printing labels for in-home, office, and shipping use.

This allows them the versatility to be used in many different environments. DYMO printers also allow for a broad range of customization with the labels they print, adding to their efficiency.

Printers, like the LabelWriter 4XL, allow for wider length labels to be printed, such as 4×6 labels for shipping. They are also great for printing bar codes and name badges.

Depending on the model, some digital DYMO printers offer LCD displays for easy personalization changes to font and print styles, as well as sizes, symbols, and images. They even feature several language options to choose from.

Around office areas, DYMO labels can be printed for organizational purposes, such as filing, storage, and supplies. They can also assist with home organization, like labeling ingredients, clothing, and crafting projects.

DYMO printers also produce labels suitable for workplace safety, like identification wraps for wires and cables, and cable flags.

Prints Labels for Filing, Organization, & Identification 

Prints Labels for Shipping and Mailing

What Kinds of Labels Do They Use?

The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is somewhat limited when it comes to its label variety.

It only supports roll labels with a 1″ core. Fanfold are not able to be used with this printer.

The 4XL only uses direct thermal (DT) labels. This means the ink is embedded within the paper and is exposed when heat is directly applied from the print head.

Unlike other label printers, DYMO recommends their own specific brand of labels to use.

These labels have index holes within the gap sensor marks. This means there is a small space on the label liner in-between each label. It allows the printer head to identify where one label ends and the next begins. Because of this gap, these labels are non-perforated.

While DYMO-specific labels are more expensive to purchase, 3rd-party labels with a gap sensor mark can work just as well with DYMO.

Roll Labels

1″ Core Roll Labels with Index Holes

Printer Specifications

The lightest of all 3 printers reviewed, the DYMO 4xL only weighs 1.96 pounds. This is due to the fact that this label printer is direct thermal only. Therefore, it does not require the added features for a ribbon attachment.

Without the need for a ribbon, the 4XL is compact in size for a desktop printer. It only reaches 5.3 inches in height and is 7 inches wide.

The 4XL prints labels with up to 300 dpi resolution. Dpi stands for dots per inch, a common measurement for resolution.

Most desktop printers are able to print between a range of 203-300 dpi, depending on their settings. While the difference between 203 dpi and 300 dpi isn’t extremely sizable, 300 dpi allows for more enhanced picture quality and detail.

However, this level of resolution comes at the cost of print speed. The 4XL prints at a speed of 3.2 seconds per label, the slowest speed of all 3 printers reviewed.

This desktop model prints labels up to 4.16 inches wide, which allows it to be a reliable tool for users looking to print extra large shipping labels.

The DYMO 4XL is compatible with both PC and Mac. The printer software is available to download on DYMO’s website.


  • Weighs 1.96lbs

  • Height is 5.3″

  • Width is 7″

  • Resolution for printing is 300 dpi (dots per inch)

  • Prints speed is 3.2 seconds per label

  • Prints label sizes up to 4.16″ wide


  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

  • MacOS X10.5 or later

Who Do They Work With?

Shipping Platforms

DYMO works with several shipping platforms for users who operate in e-commerce and need the proper tools to send their products.

Online Marketplaces

DYMO offers quite a few options for online marketplaces.

Among them are two of the most well known brand names for online sales, Amazon and E-bay. These names appeal to a large-scale audience, aiding to DYMO’s well-known reputation among entrepreneurs and small businesses.

How to Load Labels

The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL only uses roll labels with a 1″ core.

Since it is a direct thermal (DT) printer, it does not require the use of a ribbon to print. This makes the label loading process very easy.

  1. Remove the detachable label roll from the printer.
  2. Pull off the removable label spool.
  3. Once removed, place the labels onto the roll face sheet side down and re-insert the spool.
  4. Re-insert the label roll back into the printer.
  5. Push and adjust the spool until it fits snugly against the side of the label roll.
  6. Align the labels against the left edge of the printer.
  7. Adjust the media guide to fit the label size appropriately.
  8. Gently feed a label through the label feed path. Once the printer recognizes the presence of a label, it will pull the label into the feed path.
  9. Press the form-feed button on the front of the printer to advance the labels toward the feed mechanism.

Unlike the other printers reviewed, the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL does not require users to calibrate it.

Adjustable & Removable Label Roll & Spool

DYMO LabelWriter4XL


For preventative maintenance, users will want to regularly clean the print head of their DYMO label printer.

Cleaning cards can be used to remove contaminants from the print head. These cards contain a high amount of isopropyl alcohol that is essential to help disinfect and clean the printer. This ensures favorable print quality and helps to extend the life of the printer.

  1. Turn off the printer and remove any labels from the label feed path by using the reverse label button located on the inner right side of the printer.
  2. Open the cleaning card pouch and remove the cleaning card.
  3. Following the label path, insert the cleaning card against one side of the printer. If necessary, use the form feed button to feed the card through the printer.
  4. Re-insert the cleaning card against the opposite side of the printer to ensure the entire print head has been properly cleaned.

It is recommended that users clean their printer at least once or twice a month, depending on how often they operate their printer.

The Verdict

The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL offers users an extensive amount of options through various customizations.

Let’s review the pros and cons, and see if it measures up to consumer expectations.

The Pros

  • Affordable price for the amount of options it offers users.
  • Easy set up for computers – plug ‘n play device.
  • No ink or toner needed to print.
  • It doesn’t require users to calibrate labels in order to realign them.
  • It has the highest resolution at 300 dpi.

The Cons

  • This has the slowest print speed of all 3 printers reviewed.
  • It only supports DYMO-specific labels, which cost more than other 3rd party rolls.
  • This printer doesn’t support fanfold labels.
  • Customers complain the printer occasionally misreads and skips labels, causing troubleshooting issues.

The Conclusion

  • This printer offers a wide range of printable options, from basic shipping labels to customizable badges, at a feasible price.
  • The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is moderate in both price and capabilities for users looking for a dependable printer choice.

Overall Rating

Here is our overall rating for the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL:

Price – 7/10
Customization – 8/10
Set-Up – 9/10
Versatility – 6/10
Volume Size – 7/10