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How Inventory Glut Stole Holiday Warehouse Space

Prepping your warehouse for the holidays means managing your inventory. But what happens when your inventory is overflowing and there’s no space left? That’s what retailers had to deal with this year thanks to a huge inventory glut. To move products, this unique issue needed some unique solutions. We spoke to warehouse and retail experts to learn how retailers managed.

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License Plating for Optimal Traceability

Looking for a way to group and trace products as they make their way through your warehouse? Sounds like you’re in need of LPN labels. Also called sequential barcodes, they’re used to maximize efficiency and management from the moment a shipment arrives. All with the simple scan of a barcode. Ready to see how LPNs can help your business?

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Millennials' Eating Habits Are Revolutionizing Food Logistics

You wouldn’t think eating habits could create such an impact on the supply chain. But that’s exactly what’s happening, thanks to Millennials. Their new habits are bringing changes to food logistics, grocery stores, the cold chain, and almost everything else surrounding how food is consumed across the U.S. Here’s what you need to know.

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7 Actionable Ways to Reduce eCommerce Store Costs

Selling online has turned almost every industry into a global marketplace. While possible profits are bigger than they have ever been, competition is also higher than it’s ever been. At the end of the day, it’s all about your store’s profits. To help increase that bottom line number, we’ve compiled a list of ways that store owners can cut costs today.

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Experts Share 6 Ways to Improve Inventory Control & Warehouse Management

A great deal goes into inventory control and warehouse management, much more than people think. They are a crucial part of any business. While it can seem overwhelming, there are many ways to improve your inventory control for more efficiency and accuracy. We interviewed experts and created the ultimate guide on how to navigate these key factors.

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10 Ways to Beat the Heat in Your Warehouse This Summer

Summer is here and nothing is more important than keeping your warehouse cool. Rising temperatures can cause a flurry of problems to each part of your functioning warehouse, from products to workers. But don’t sweat it, we have the solution. Whether it is for your inventory, machinery, or employees, these tips will make sure you beat the heat.

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5 Logistics Experts Weigh in on The Freight Crisis

Transportation costs are rising, which is why product prices are rising. There’s also a growing shortage of truck drivers, making matters worse. All of this is putting American companies in a bind. Experts from different companies and our own Smith Corona team weigh in on why freight rates are rising and what companies can do to handle it.

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PCA Revamps Operations in eCommerce Boom

Thanks to the recent, massive ecommerce boom, there will likely be a strain placed on the release liner and thermal label industry. As the trend of buying online continues to grow, so does the volume of shipping. Here’s how companies like Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) are revamping their operations in order to cope.

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