Sequential Barcodes / License Plate Numbers (LPN Labels)

Sequential labels / serial number stickers are used by many companies in their receiving docks.  Organizations use these labels, commonly referred by the name license plate number labels or LPN labels to track pallets and cartons arriving to their facility.  These labels are typically printed with a sequential barcode and then a human readable number undearneath.  Many organizations color code these labels as well as include additional text to help the receiving department inventory the goods properly.

Organizations that use LPN’s typically have them preprinted with a sequential or random unique identifier to increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed.  When a truck arrives at their docks with goods to offload, neither the driver or the receiving team has time to print labels on demand.  Therefore, having these labels preprinted and ready to be applied allows for the pallet or cases to be quickly labeled and processed through the facility.

Most companies outsource the production of these labels because it is cost effective and more error proof. Printing these license plate labels on your own requires a dedicated staff member, thermal printer, label rewinder, and the right barcode software.

On top of that, it is essential that these labels can scan flawlessly, start with the right numbers, and don’t contain any duplicates.  For those reasons, most companies prefer to outsource these types of labels to professional label printers.  Companies that specialize in producing LPN labels will ensure that quality and sequencing is perfect.  Some companies also call these labels handling labels, inbound labels, receiving labels, or pre-numbered labels.

At Smith Corona, we have the capabilities to make almost any sequential barcode that our customers need.  Since we are a manufacturer of the thermal labels and ribbons, we can offer industry low prices on these products.  If you are interested in having Smith Corona make your LPN labels, please fill out the form.

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Why Use Sequential Barcodes?

Preprinted LPN labels are a great solution for a busy warehouse.  Use our warehouse pallet labels to easily track your movable pallets, cases, and cartons.

Smith Corona offers high-quality labels with perfectly printed barcodes.  With Smith Corona, you will never print a duplicate number or a label that doesn’t scan.

If you are interested in having Smith Corona print your companies sequential barcodes, please fill out the form below.

Additionally, if your company is already using sequential barcodes, please collect a sample to share with our team.  We will also need to know what number you left off on, so we know where to start our sequencing.  One of our representatives will call or email you to get all of the necessary details.