Sequential Barcodes / License Plate Numbers (LPN Labels)

What is a Sequential Barcode?

Barcodes with sequential numbers offer easy solutions for tracking inventory, verifying data, and helping ease the strains of a busy supply chain. They can be found on movable pallets, cases, and cartons.

Why Use Sequential Barcodes?

Sequential barcodes, also known as LPN (License Plate Numbers) labels, can be found in and around many company environments, such as receiving docks, warehouses, and factories. These labels are typically printed with a sequential barcode, or a barcode with an ascending number, giving each its own unique identification. Color and additional text can be added to help further customize these labels for easy identification. 

Multiple labels are placed together with barcodes printed on them

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Popular Sizes

4 x 6

  • 975 Labels Per Roll

3 x 5

  • 1100 Labels Per Roll

4 x 6 - Colors

  • 975 Labels Per Roll

*Many more sizes available.

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    Who Can Make Them?

    Organizations that use LPN’s can either print them in-house with the proper equipment and software or have them pre-printed by an outside source. Printing these labels on your own requires additional staff, a thermal printer, label rewinder, and the proper barcode software. 

    Outsourcing the production of pre-printed sequential barcode labels is a more optimal choice. Having labels pre-printed increases accuracy, efficiency, and speed while reducing errors and overall costs. Workers are able to apply pre-printed labels on demand when products arrive, allowing them to be processed faster, saving companies time and money.

    How Can Smith Corona Help?

    It is important to make sure your pre-printed sequential barcode labels are impeccably printed. It is essential that they scan easily and do not contain any duplicates. High-quality printed labels will ensure that your LPN labels work every time.

    At Smith Corona, we have the capabilities and equipment to make any sequential barcode to meet our customer’s needs. As a manufacturer of thermal labels and ribbons, we take pride in knowing we offer industry low prices on these products. Interested in having Smith Corona make your LPN labels? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get you a quote!