Label and Package Guide for Cannabis Products

Label and Package Guide for Cannabis Products The genesis behind the phrase ‘420’ is greatly debated, but some rumors speculate it all started in 1971. A small group of high school friends started using this secret code as a signal to meet up after school and smoke [...]


Your 2022 Guide to Lithium Battery Labels

Your 2022 Guide to Lithium Battery Labels  Lithium batteries are no joke.  Neither is labeling them.   These energy sources are designed to provide high levels of power, making them a potential safety risk during transportation.  So if you’re shipping lithium batteries, proper packaging and specific thermal labels [...]


Your Durable Label Applications

Your Durable Label Applications Durable labels play a key role in maintaining safety during the handling and transportation of hazardous materials.  Sometimes called “drum labels”, “chemical labels”, or “hazard labels”, durable labels provide critical information that notifies personnel of the dangers within the containers they are handling. [...]


Durable Labels 101: What They Are & Their Standards

Durable Labels 101: What They Are & Their Standards  Millions of products are shipped throughout the world each year, making their way across the globe by truck, train, airplane, and boat. Many of the products being shipped contain hazardous materials, which carry serious dangers and risks as [...]


Flathead vs. Near Edge Thermal Transfer Printing

Flathead vs. Near Edge Thermal Printing Thermal printing utilizes many components that help produce high-quality images and texts in the labeling and printing industries. The mechanics of these printers operate seamlessly to print barcodes, serial numbers, expiration dates, and more for applications like shipping, tracking, and identification. [...]


PTI Labels

PTI Labels  On November 6, 2020, the produce company Tanimura & Antle Inc. voluntarily recalled all of their single packaged romaine lettuce with a pack date of October 15th and 16th as a preventative measure. This was due to possible contamination with a strain of E. coli. [...]


Our Smith Corona Label Adhesives

Our Smith Corona Label Adhesives Anytime you peel a label from its liner and apply it to a surface area, whether it’s box, barrel, bin, or product, you are dealing with label adhesive.  Adhesive is the key component of a label. If it doesn’t work, the label [...]


Useful Label Terms to Know

Useful Label Terms to Know Thermal, liner, adhesive - there are an abundance of terms in the labeling industry. But what do they mean? It can be confusing to hear terms in an industry you aren’t quite familiar with, but knowing what they are will be beneficial to [...]