Laser vs Inkjet Printer Technology

Laser vs Inkjet Printer Technology Looking to print cute, nifty designs to customize orders for your ecommerce store? Or maybe you need durable material for labeling chemicals? For these applications, you’ll likely be printing on sheet labels. Printers that use sheet labels are most commonly found in [...]


Why Die Strikes Are Important

Why Die Strikes Are Important Imagine you are rolling out a sheet of cookie dough. Once you decide on a shape, you take a cookie cutter and press it into the dough. After removing the excess dough around the shape, you’re left with a finished design. This [...]


Nevada Cannabis Compliance Labels

Nevada Cannabis Compliance Labels Las Vegas has a reputation like no other.  Sin City. Thrilling nightlife. Party-like environment. High tourism rate. Therefore, there’s no surprise that it has a high concentration of cannabis users. What’s surprising, however, is that the State of Nevada has some of [...]


Cannabis Label Applications

Cannabis Label Applications A well designed label is an essential piece to any cannabis business. When customers come across a product, it’s the first thing that draws them in. It’s what looks good when they post an image on social media, which in turn helps spread the [...]


Gloss vs Matte Inkjet Labels

Gloss vs. Matte Inkjet Labels  When it comes to color printing, there are many decisions to make when creating your custom inkjet labels. Choosing the right shape, size, and material will set your label apart from others and determine how customers will view [...]


Cannabis Packaging Designs Your Generation Would Buy

Cannabis Packaging Designs Your Generation Would Buy Martha Stewart made a name for herself in homemaking. Snoop Dogg did it with a rap music legacy and an affinity for marijuana.   They’re both household names that combine to form a brilliant mix of traditional and progressive branding in [...]


How to Pack & Ship Lithium Ion Batteries

How to Pack & Ship Lithium Ion Batteries The dangers caused by batteries are often made but rarely seen. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t occur. When they do, it’s worse than you think. Take the recent fire that burned for several days in Morris, Illinois. The [...]


Less is More with Linerless Labels

Less is More with Linerless Labels  Think about a roll of tape. A sticky piece of film wound around itself. As pieces are cut and used, they still retain their stickiness and adhere perfectly to a surface. Linerless labels work the same way. An alternative to the [...]