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Polypropylene Labels – Everything You Need To Know

Polypropylene Labels - Everything You Need To Know Does your company need labels that are capable of withstanding harsh environments and challenging applications?  If the answer to that question is yes, then Polypropylene Labels might be a perfect fit. Polypropylene labels are popular for companies that need a more durable label as these have the best combination of value and strength compared to other film labels. These labels offer strength and durability that a common paper label cannot.  Simply put, for some applications, a paper label doesn’t have the durability, longevity or resistance [...]

Paper Mills Have The Power (To Finally Increase Prices)

Paper Mills Have The Power....To Finally Increase Prices The advent of the Internet has revolutionized many industries in the past 20 years, and maybe none more so than the paper industry.  As the Internet and digital publications have grown, consumers began to gravitate away from newspapers and magazines. This exodus away from print media caused the demand for P&W (printing and writing) grade paper to decline significantly.  In turn, many paper mills began repurposing their mills away from P&W grade paper towards a more profitable segment: PSA paper. In the short term, [...]

How China Is Killing Another American Industry

How China Has Killed The American Thermal Ribbon Business It’s no secret.  Our President is obsessed with it.  Chinese companies are taking American manufacturing jobs. The trade deficit is real and it is crippling the United States.  The gap between goods imported from China to the United States and American goods exported to China is all the way up to $375.2 billion, which is the highest it has ever been.   How has the gap grown so significantly? Most economists agree that the trade gap is due in large part to two main factors: lower [...]